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Realestate-Extreme is a real estate investment company, with over 20 years combined real estate experience, in the business of providing ethical solutions to your real estate needs. We buy all kinds of houses; pretty ones, ugly ones and the ones in between. This means we actually buy, sell and manage properties.

Realestate-Extreme is also a buyer of seller held mortgages, offering cash for your trust deeds, land contracts, purchase money mortgages, agreement of sales and contract for deeds.  Also known as real estate notes, promissory notes or even privately held notes.

We offer alternative methods to home selling and buying to accommodate people from all walks of life. If you cannot afford your payments, and the property is worth less than the amount owed, we can help. because we have partners that handle everything from short sales, foreclosures and rental properties; we are able to offer a multitude of solutions to all of today's real estate needs. We are dedicated to providing you a fast, no hassle purchase of your property. We have years of experience buying homes, so you can depend on us to find a fair and fast solution.

Realestate-Extreme, LLC
Phone: 808-369-6202