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Answering The "What IFs" In Real Estate

How You Can Solve any Perceived Problems of Myths When Investing!

We've all seen the infomercials and listened to their "You can have it all" message of how much money can easily be made investing in real estate. Most of us think it's a gimmick and switch the channel; we're afraid that buying the special kit is just a scam or at least a waste of money. Least believable are the claims that we can make a fortune with no money down. I've been as skeptical as the next person about investing in real estate. Then I read Paul Xavier's Answering the "What IFs" in Real Estate and my understanding of how real estate investing can make you fi nancially independent changed drastically.

Paul Xavier does not offer a get rich quick scheme. In fact, he makes it clear that investing in real estate is not that simple, although by following the steps in this book, I believe it is a lot easier than one might initially suspect. And Xavier does show you how to start investing with no money down by helping other investors to fi nd property. Bottom line, whether you are a skeptic or a believer, a beginner or already a real estate investor, Answering the "What IFs" in Real Estate answers every possible question you could ever have about real estate investing.

While Answering the "What IFs" in Real Estate contains very practical advice about a variety of real estate issues, ranging from fi nding a good real estate agent and a good general contractor, to dealing with tenants who have pets, and fi nding a bank to lend you money, what I found most impressive and refreshing about the book is Xavier's "CAN DO" attitude, which convinces the reader that real estate investing can be a viable part of one's future. Xavier makes it clear that if a person believes he or she can become a real estate investor, then motivation and common sense will make the rest fall into place. One of my favorite passages from the book illustrates this point when Xavier answers the question, "What if I don't have any money?"

Great! Then what have you got to lose?....Do NOT let money be the driving force of what you can or cannot do. Allowing money to limit you will keep you from ever getting ahead. I'm here to tell you that if you're able to find good real estate deals, then attracting money has never been easier. Banks with low interest money and investors with cash are pumping tons of money into the real estate market and will continue to do so. I challenge you to get out there and find those deals. The money will follow!

Xavier then steps far beyond simple motivation to give ingenuous examples of how to build your credit quickly so banks will lend you money, how to get other investors to pay you to find them deals, how to find your own deals, and how to sell a house within an astonishing five days. That's just the beginning of the great advice (far from tricks) that Xavier has up his sleeve.

If you think real estate investing is for you?and after reading "Answering the What IFs in Real Estate," I can't imagine why anyone would not think so?then buying this book can be your first and smallest yet greatest investment toward your future financial freedom.

Review by - Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and author of the award-winning "Narrow Lives"


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